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These journals are meant to be, well, like the journals or diaries of your characters. Therefore they should always be in character and kept on the subject of their past few days or so. They are to act like legitimate journals where your characters can write their true feelings or reflect on the events of the day.

Each character should have his/her own topic, titled something like "Elsbeth's Diary" and should only be used to post entires from that character's diary. So, each post is a different entry. There is no limit to what you can do here, so long as it imitates a real journal or diary. You can post pictures to make it seem like the character has put that there, or add a picture of a small object that the character may have taped to the pages.

Go wild and have fun! This category is meant to show the true feelings of your characters, rather than having everyone else guessing what they're up to or what they think of a certain person. Then again, everyone is different, so even a character who loves a person may not have the courage to say it in their diary. ♥

♥ ~ ℓ ɪ ɓ ɓ ƴ ~ ♥
♥ ~ ℓ ɪ ɓ ɓ ƴ ~ ♥

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