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Acidia Kamaro Anime-3
Full Name Acidia Kamaro
Nickname(s) Acid
Preferred Name Acidia
Simal or Hego Hego
Age 20
D.O.B. September 28, 1991
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity American
Skin Tone Slightly tanned
Height 5' 9"
Weight 119 lbs
Build Thin but slightly muscular
Eyes Black
Hair Light Grey
Piercings and Identifying Marks Many scars around her body
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training Mainly just attacks, will use a sword/blade/anything to attack, she just goes insane.
Special Ability Can turn invisible
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities Delusional Disorder: Her diagnoses doesn't really have a name, just that she's seriously insane. The doctors can't figure out exactly what she has, but she's definitely insane
Phobia(s) none
Place of Birth unknown
Family unknown
Personality Acidia is absolutely insane. She's been through quite a bit, but refuses to say anything about. She can barely hold a conversation with out flipping out and screaming. She has an incredibly short temper that can't be controlled. It's nearly impossible to hold her down at all, she's keep flailing and fighting before anyone restricts her in anyway. She is definitely
History Acidia's mother gave her away for adoption as soon as she had her. No one wanted to take her, and by the time she was 4, she was in a mental hospital, which is the earliest day she can remember. She stayed at the hospital until she was 9, when they sent her to the Jackridge Insane Asylum. The hospital couldn't take her anymore, she had killed a nurse when she was 7 and one of their therapists when she was 9. She went in and out of the asylum, escaping and being captured again. The cycle finally stopped when she was 17 and she finally escaped for good and joined the Hegos, since they we the only ones who were "like" her.
Theme Song Fences, Paramore
Roleplayed by Forget And Not Slow Down, Cookie
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