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Full Name: Cornelius Silus Harding
Nickname(s): Silus, Creature
Preferred Name: Silus, but everyone calls him Creature.
Simal or Hego: Hego
Age: 22
D.O.B.: March 3
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: English
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Build: He's tall and thin and has a little bit of muscle definition.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Silver. It's messy, but in a somehow fashionable way. His parents never approved of it though. Of course, that was the least of their worries, so they let this part of him be. Anyway, on the left sideit comes down to his chin and gets longer in the back. It stops at the base of his neck in the back. On the right side, it swoops across his face and covers his eye. It stops at the base of his neck as well.
Piercings and Identifying Marks: He has a horizontal scar across the right side of his lips as well as a scar spiraling around his left arm.
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training: He knows the anatomy of the human body inside and out. He basically taught it to himself, so he knows all of the pressure points in the human body. He can easily render someone helpless with a few jabs here and there. He also knows the perfect ways to torture people.
Special Ability: He shapeshifts into the creature shown above: his muscles bulge, he gets taller, he grows horns and wings, and yeah... Of course, this only happens when he gets extremely angry. Sort of like the Hulk. Only not green. And with horns. And wings. Oh, and sharp teeth. Lots of sharp teeth. He also remembers everything he does when he's in creature form, and he usually has complete control over himself. The only time when he can't control when he becomes the creature is at night. He's always the creature at night. OH! And he can get as excited or scared as he wants to (not that he ever would). His change has nothing to do with his heart rate. Just his anger. He also has to wait about an hour after he cools down before he changes back. And he needs to feed on a lot of raw meat when he's in creature form, so he's usually covered in blood. And he has blood red eyes. They don't have any other color - no black, no white. Just blood red. So he's like the Hulk but different in every single way. How is this ability hard to prove? It's pretty hard to make Silus angry.
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities: Unlike most everyone else, he was not diagnosed with Delusional disorder because he refused to tell or show anyone his ability. He's been living with it for practically his whole life, so he's learned what to say and what not to say, really. He was, however, diagnosed with Psychopathic disorder, which is completely true.
Phobia(s): He's terrified of getting close to anyone, though he would never admit it.
Place of Birth: London, England
Family: Overpowering mother and father. "Perfect" older brother.
Personality: Silus has a very cold personality. He is generally emotionless and has that whole "zen" thing about him. He kind of has to, of course. You know. Monster thing. He's almost always calm as can be. He's always been emotionally detatched from everyone, which mainly has to do with his Psychopathic disorder. It's not really that he doesn't relate to people, it's really that he doesn't care. Silus has never really liked people, mostly because of his family and his ex-girlfriend. After those incidents, he never wants to get close to anyone ever again. Silus is extremely good at seeing through people. He can pick out a fake from a mile away. He hates fakes. He's like a human lie detector. He's pretty good at manipulating people, but, most of the time, he doesn't find the need to be manipulative. As much as he hates to admit it, Silus understands most people perfectly. Those he doesn't understand perfectly, he understands fairly well. Silus is extremely smart and a very fast reader. He's read all of the books in his parents' library - and that's a lot of books. He's like a sponge, soaking up every little bit of information that he can get. Occasionally, he will forget something, but it's not common for him. As much as Silus understasnds people, he makes it very difficult for people to understand him. He puts up a huge wall between the world and himself to shut everyone out. Honestly, he really just doesn't want to get hurt again, not that he would actually admit that, even to himself. Silus is also a bit of a creep at times. He will occasionally poke around in other people's business, just for fun.
History: Silus was born into a very wealthy family. Naturally, most rich people grow up as snobs and give their children snobby, extravagant names - hence Cornelius. Of course, Silus was different from all of the others. He wasn't proud or a big brat, but, rather, rebellious in his own quiet way. Not given a middle name, he rushed to give it to himself. Of course, though he insisted everyone call him Silus, no one did. His parents had always told him what to do and how to be perfect, prim, and proper. His older brother had always followed the rules. At least when the parents were watching. When they weren't, Gusteau, Silus' older brother, would always do something that somehow got Silus in trouble. Gusteau would always pick on his little brother. Of course, this is what made Silus hard. Before long, he would just stand there with an are-you done-yet look on his face. Anywhere else with his family, and he always had that I-wish-I-were-anywhere-away-from-these-losers look. Despite his cruddy family life, Silus was exposed to books at a young age. He was homeschooled, so when he finished his lessons, he would find solace in the family library, reading until someone yelled at him to stop and do something. When he had, he would go back to reading. His favorite boks were on psychology and physiology. One day, when Silus was about nine, he started to read one of the narratives in the library. He became angry with one of the characters and soon became him - the creature. He nearly destroyed the library in his rage. After that, he knew he had to learn to control it. In a few more years, he had complete control over the monster inside of him, with the exception of the fact that it come out every night. When he was fourteen, Silus had read through all the books in the library and had pretty much graduated high school because of it. Equipped with his extensive knowledge on the human body, he easily took out the guards he needed to and escaped that awful place. He quickly became a scientist at a psychological and physiological institute, though no one took him seriously when he started out, at the young age of sixteen. Eventually, Silus let his wall fall down. He showed people that he could have emotion. When he was nineteen, he fell in love. He'd never been happier in his entire life. She'd told him the same thing about herself. Of course, when Silus had let his guard down, he'd also stopped looking for those subtle tell-tale signs of lies. Somehow she'd found out about his nightly form, and, when she was sure that he trusted her enough, she took him on a "vacation." The lab that now seeks the Hegos and the Simals captured Silus. His wall immediatly shot back up, now stronger than it had ever been. He let himself become angry upon arriving at the lab and broke free of his cage. They clearly hadn't known that he could do that. Unfortunately, they tied him down until he changed back. He slipped out of his bonds and used his skills to kills most of the scientists that approached him. His girlfriend was not one of them. He made her live in suffering, like she had made him do. He took a vial of her blood, as well. They'd been unprepared. They wouldn't be next time. Silus knew that he had to disappear, so he ran to America. There, the found the Hegos and Simals. He chose to join the Hegos, the Simals reminding him too much of his family.
Theme Song: Monster by Skillet
Roleplayed by: Libby (A Nice Piece Of Art)
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