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Full Name: Brighade O’Malley
Nickname: Brig. If you call her anything else, including her full name, she won’t be too pleased.
Simal or Hego: Simal
Age: 22
D.O.B.: June 14
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Irish
Skin Tone: ghost pale
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115
Build: Stocky. She isn’t too short or stick skinny, with broad shoulders. She’s built strong.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark auburn
Piercings and Identifying Marks: Right eyebrow pierced twice, three holes on each side of her cartilage.
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training: Brighade is well versed in the art of handling a pirate’s broadsword. She considers it a martial art, a deadly one. Her weapon is the size of a hand and a half sword, blade a glistening silver, handle wrapped in stingray leather.
Special Ability: Brighade can call up a wind at will. It can be anything from a light breeze to full on hurricane force winds.
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities: She suffers from severe PTSD- post traumatic stress disorder. It tends to crop up when she’s sleeping, leaving her with a bad case of insomnia.
Phobia(s): falling- mostly off ships, cats, deep water.
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland.
+Jace O’Malley- father, pirate, dead.
+Lorcan O’Malley- brother, pirate, out there somewhere.
Brighade isn't your average timid girl. She could hold her own in a fight, if she wanted to, seeing as she has the brawn-most times, she wants to. This is a girl with a mind of her own. She holds strong opinions, and if she feels it's worth her time will hold a grudge. Brighade is a woman of few words and doesn't speak a lot, but when she does everyone needs to shut up and listen-it's important.
When your dad is a pirate, you get exposed to a lot of things at an early age. Brighade was thrown into an interesting situation, aboard a ship-the Time Maiden. She never knew her mother, but that didn’t seem to be an issue. This was a girl that was raised by the crew of a ship and she knows all there is to be about it. It was her life and she was glad to have it.

They all knew that she was a little different, being able to change the winds to set them at a better course with a simple thought. Brig was an asset.

The life of a pirate is a short but merry one. Jace O’Malley was struck down at the age of 37. Lorcan was old enough to go off on his own, but the overtaking crew tossed the girl in an orphanage. When locked up this little lady doesn’t do well and she conjured a wind large enough to break the windows out of the room she shared with another girl.

She’s been on the run ever since.
Theme Song: Whiskey In The Jar- Metallica.
Roleplayed by: HOUND!

Rusty hound is rusty. Humans were never quite my forte, but Brig was just officially adapted from being a blue tic coonhound.

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