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1. No god-modding/power-playing/mary-sueing.
2. Respect yourself and others.
3. No killing other people's characters without the roleplayer's permission.
4. Be responsible.
5. Stay away from chat-speak in character and try to keep a roleplay post five to six sentences long.
6.KEEP EVERYTHING CLEAN! We understand a few slip-ups, but if it gets too excessive, you will AT LEAST be warned. All the cussing and icky stuff is just rather unprofessional and there's really no need for it. Sorry if this bothers you, but swears and other icky stuff bother me.
7. If you really have to fight with another member, take it to neomail. No one else wants to be a part of it. Fighting inside roleplay is fine though.
8. No roleplaying someone else's character.
9. Please use some form of ooc and bic when speaking out of character and going back in to character. You DO NOT need to use bic when you haven't used ooc before your roleplay part of your post.
10. Roleplay in third-person, past-tense, please!
11. BE ACTIVE!!!! Around one post a day please! More is even better! If you're going to be away for a while, please let everyone else know.
12. HAVE FUN!!!!!!
♥ ~ ℓ ɪ ɓ ɓ ƴ ~ ♥
♥ ~ ℓ ɪ ɓ ɓ ƴ ~ ♥

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