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The town of Jackridge has been split for as long as anyone can remember. The Simals rule the north, and the Hegos, the south. The two sides have grown up to hate each other, and have been feuding for so long, that not many people can remember why. But the feud isn't the only thing that these people have to worry about now.

In the middle of a fight between the Simals and Hegos, something almost unbelievable happened. No one knows exactly what happened, but most people know, by the outcome, that it wasn't natural.

Every single one of the civilians at the fight came out mentally insane in the eyes of anyone who hadn't been there. Only these "infected ones" knew what they now possessed. Some of the fighters found themselves hearing voices in their heads, or seeing flashes of images as soon as they looked at or touched something. Others experianced a flood of emotions, or found that they could now see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and/or sense things that they once couldn't. Some noticed the birds and the squirrels talking to them. Very few of these "gifteds" had found their gifts beforehand and didn't dream of telling anyone. They knew the consequences. Still, the new gifteds blabbed. Of course, who could blame them? The impossible had happened! Not that anyone believed them.

Eventually, the local authorities discovered what had happened to these people. They called in specialists to help them figure out what was going on. The specialists diagnosed most of their new patients with Delusional Disorder, and some with other disorders. Most of the diagnoses of Delusional Disorder were incorrect, though many of the gifteds had contracted other disorders as well, either from past experiences, their parents, or the event that changed their lives.

As soon as the specialists mentioned the asylum, both sides of the town took off. The authorities have been after them for a while now, and the gifteds have managed to stay hidden. But with the sudden, drastic change in their lives, how long can they stay hidden, especially when they're in the company of enemies that go back at least one hundred years?

As if that weren't enough, a group of gifteds ran into men who believed them. Men who believed that they had powers. The men said that they could help. The gifteds went with them and never returned. At first, the enemies blamed each other for the disappearances and nearly blew their cover, but the men showed up again and again. Eventually, the gifteds found out what was going on.

Now they have to deal with each other, the government, and a lab that plans to do who-knows-what. Anything can happen.
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♥ ~ ℓ ɪ ɓ ɓ ƴ ~ ♥

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