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Katrina Cantain Nfkjf
Full Name Katrina Cantain
Nickname(s) Kat, Trina, Lovely
Preferred Name Katrina
Simal or Hego Simal
Age 19
D.O.B. August 21, 1992
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity American
Skin Tone light
Height 5' 9"
Weight 110
Build thin
Eyes purple
Hair long and blonde
Piercings and Identifying Marks a scar on her shoulder/arm
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training sword/blades
Special Ability Mind Reader
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities Delusional Disorder: Hears voices. Diagnoses is somewhat correct. Hears both the voices of other's thoughts and voices created by her mind. Can tell the difference between other's thoughts and her mind. She can tune out other people's thoughts but is usually listening so she know who's near and why. The closer they are, the louder their voice is in her head.
Phobia(s) Just sort of a fear of people "figuring her out"
Place of Birth New York City, New York
Family Mother, father, little sister who's 3 years younger, Avery. Left her family in New York as soon as she turned 18 and hasn't seen or talked to them since.
Personality Katrina is the most cunning and deceitful person you will ever meet, if you ever realize that she is. When you first meet her, she'll be the sweetest girl in the whole world, but on the inside, she's plotting how to use you against her enemies or how she can twist your thoughts into what she wants you to think. What makes it worse is that she hears everything you're thinking, so you can't hide anything from her.
History Katrina is extremely smart, always has been, always will be. She figured this out at the young age of 4 and knew already it'd definitely give her and advantage. So she put on her adorable little girl act because who could resist a request from such a sweet little girl? She played her words right and flipped their thoughts around to make them want to do what she wanted. She looks down on everyone as idiots because she's never met anyone more intelligent than her and could outsmart them no matter what. She listens to the voice in her head, it being the only thing she trusts other than herself. She's always gotten everything she wants and has had an easy life because of that. When she was 10, she started to really manipulate people. Before it was little things like getting someone's cookies or letting her cut in line, but then she started getting money and manual labor. She had many 'friends', people who used her to make themselves look good, but she used them to get what she needed, so she didn't complain. She had 16 boyfriends, only dating to get work done and to get more money. She skipped 3rd and 9th grade, graduating at 16. She could have skipped another grade or two, but skipping two was extremely impressive already.
Theme Song Ignorance, Paramore & Maggie Mahoney, Seabird
Roleplayed by Forget And Not Slow Down, Cookie
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