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Avery Cantain Cute-blonde-girl-in-green
Full Name Avery Cantain
Nickname(s) Ave
Preferred Name Either Avery or Ave
Simal or Hego Simal
Age 16
D.O.B. May 3, 1995
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity American
Skin Tone light
Height 5' 7"
Weight 100 lbs
Build Thin and frail
Eyes blueish green
Hair Blonde, down to almost the middle of her back
Piercings and Identifying Marks a couple of scars here and there
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training Will not fight, too scared to
Special Ability none
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities doesn't really have any certain disabilities, just afraid of almost anything that moves.
Phobia(s) Contreltophobia, the fear of being abused
Place of Birth New York City, New York
Family Mother, Father, sister who's 3 years older, Katrina
Personality Avery is the sweetest, most honest girl in the world who wouldn't hurt anybody- mostly because she literary couldn't hurt anyone. She's terrified of almost everything. She doesn't mean to be, it's just what happened to her. She's a little like her sister, expect she would never deceive anyone ever. She always cares about everyone and puts them before herself, which usually gets her in trouble.
History Avery's father has hated her since the day she turned 3. Her sister was the only one there to ever help her defend herself since her mother picked up drugs only a few days later. Her parents were fired only 3 days apart from each other, and instead of trying to find new jobs, they just gave up. Her father started blaming her and her sister for not having any money, especially Avery. He said they might have been able to get by with just Katrina, but definitely not both of them. He became violent towards her, creating a huge fear of everything that moves towards her. It's ironic that her, the genuine and honest girl was the one who was beaten while Katrina lied her way through life and barely got hit. She arrived in the Mental Hospital a year ago, the doctors saying it would only be 5 years while she knew it'd probably much much longer. She still doesn't know about Katrina's act, but she'd probably forgive her if she found out.
Theme Song Sally's Song, Catherine O'Hara
Roleplayed by Forget And Not Slow Down, Cookie
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