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Spider Kekoa Lavi
Full Name: Spider Web Kekoa
Nickname(s): Spidy, Spy
Preferred Name: He doesn't really care. He likes Spider better, but he won't correct anyone if they use anything else.
Simal or Hego: Simal
Age: 21
D.O.B.: December 31
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Skin Tone: A very light tan color
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: Muscular, but not extremely so. A little bit more on the lean side.
Eyes: (Or eye, rather.) Deep, royal blue.
Hair: Crimson. It's rather messy, and the longest strand reaches a little below his chin. It covers her face with the exception of his left eye, where it parts to let him see.
Piercings and Identifying Marks: His left ear is pierced. He has a long scar that runs from his right collar bone down and across his left thigh.
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training: He has a black belt in Taekwondo (despite his clear physical disabilities) and is an extremely good swordsman, though he usually relies on his Taekwondo skills, unless he can get his hands on a sword. He doesn't find it practical to be carrying around a sword all day, especially when he has to carry around a cane all day to begin with.
Special Ability: Animal Communicator
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities: Delusional Disorder: This is not true. He really is an Animal Communicator, though none of the "professionals" believed him. Missing Eye: Yeah, this speaks for itself. It mainly has to do with his history. "Bum Leg": Basically he has to use a cane, despite his young age, due to an old injury he took to his left leg.
Phobia(s): Arsonphobia - Fear of fire, and Atomosophobia - the fear of explosions.
Place of Birth: Pearl City (right next to Pearl Harbor), Oahu, Hawaii
Family: All deceased.
Personality: Spider is the sweetest person you will ever meet, despite his tragedy-stricken past. He almost always has a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. He is kind to everyone he meets, no matter how mean they be to him at first. He is incredibly patient, so it's a big deal when he gets angry. He's horrible at telling lies and keeping secrets. There are certain things that will just make Spider incredibly upset. When he does get upset, he will either scold someone, shut up and get a clearly somber look on his face, or run away. Spider is awful at hiding his feelings, and always has been. He gave up trying to keep everything inside a long time ago and now wears everything on his sleeve. Spider has never really had a crush on anyone, mainly because girls won't pay him any attention in that way. His leg and eye tend to turn them off. Anyway, he doesn't really know what the feeling is like. Spider has a very high moral standard and never falls short of that standard unless he has to. He often cuts people a lot of slack, too much, even. He's a real push-over and a people pleaser.
History: Spider came from a broken family, but a fairly good one compared to others. His older sister was anorexic and bulimic, his mother was constantly stressed about having to support the family, and his father rarely had a job and didn't bring in much money. He was usually sitting at the table with a bottle of beer, clearly depressed. Spider was the victim of bullying. He'd never really been a part of the "in" crowd. He'd never wanted to be. They were almost always nasty where he went to school. Very few had hearts. Spider thought that his life was fine until the first bad thing happened. His mother even made a little extra money on the side for him to take Taekwondo. He was a part of the fencing club at school, and enjoyed every minute of it, even if he didn't really know anyone. Then one day, when he was in fifth grade, he was called to the office and sent home. His mother was sobbing on the couch and his father was at his usual spot at the table, looking even more upset than usual. His sister had finally died because of her disease. He took about a week off from school to grieve for her when his father committed suicide. Spider finally went back to school about a month later. When he was in sixth grade, he came home, sat down to do his homework, and, a few minutes later, was shocked by a spontaneous explosion. He struggled to get out of the demolished, burning house. He received his scar from a sharp piece of scrap metal. Hot cinders got into his right eye and burned it so that, later on, the doctors would have no choice but to just remove it completely. Finally, a support beam fell on his leg, shattering the bone into thousands of pieces. A pair of firemen ended up saving his life. His mother has died in the explosion and fire. His leg never fully healed. The explosion turned out to be caused by a bomb that hadn't been detonated in World War II. It just ended up exploding then. Spider's Taekwondo master took him in until he was eighteen. Spider decided to go travel and found the Simals and Hegos when he was about nineteen.
Theme Song: No More No Less by MercyMe
Roleplayed by: Libby (A Nice Piece Of Art)
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