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Naomi Sariko 001qu3
Full Name Naomi Leava Sariko
Nickname(s) Po (really only Magic calls her that)
Preferred Name Naomi
Simal or Hego Neither yet
Age 17
D.O.B. April 19, 1993
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity American
Skin Tone Slightly tan, but still on the pale side
Height 5'9"
Weight 125
Build Frail
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Piercings and Identifying Marks None
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training Doesn't need to fight, she doesn't allow anyone to come within 10 feet of her if she thinks they're going to hurt her
Special Ability Mind Control
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities No disabilities, but the government and the asylums know she can control people
Phobia(s) None
Place of Birth Phoenix, Arizona
Family Mother and Father who were very overprotective of her
Personality Naomi is very quiet, gentle, and doesn't really show much emotion. The way she is has nothing to do with anything that happened, it's just the way she is. She's never gotten mad, and even if she had she probably didn't show it. She's not trying to hide any of her emotions, she just doesn't want to draw attention to herself. She's very kind and understanding but is definitely completely in control of her own thoughts, feelings and opinions. It's basically impossible to persuade her into to doing something, and if she does do something for you it's because she wants to do you a favor. She hardly ever controls people, only when she's protecting herself or if she's trying to get something done. She'd never do it for entertainment or to get something she didn't need such as money or power.
History Naomi grew up in her house with her overprotective mother and father who never let her leave the house. They knew she could control minds, so of course the government or bad people would like to take advantage of that, so they kept her safe in their house out in Arizona. Naomi knew they were just trying to keep her safe as well as prevent the outcome of what might happen if someone took her so she was alright with that but still wished she could be a normal girl. She was home schooled and her father was a doctor so there wasn't any need for her to ever leave the house. One night she heard the door open in the middle of the night, and since her parents were both asleep she went downstairs to see what was happening. There was Wren and Magic, looking out the window as police cars passed by. They had just finished stealing from her neighbor's house and set off the alarm just as they were leaving and ran into her house before the police arrived. She was excited to finally talk with someone other than her parents so she hid them in her room and talked with them for the rest of the night. Of course Wren and Magic knew that if they could get her to work with them then they would never be in a situation that they couldn't get out of again, but they didn't make her want to go with them. She wanted to go with them because she knew they could take care of her and she could see the world. So she left her parents a note saying that she was going with them to have a life but left out the part about Wren and Magic being thieves. She befriended them instantly, being the kind of person she was and grew closer with Magic than with Wren, but that was fine for all of them. But one limitation to Naomi's power was how many people she could control at a time, which was only about five. About a year after she started helping them, the asylum finally had them completely surrounded with about 100 people. They all knew that once they got Naomi, she was either dead or was going to be used for their own purposed. So Magic trapped her inside his mind to save her from either fate while he and Wren were taken to the Mental hospital. She fell asleep almost instantly, and will wake up once she's within 5 miles of the cave that can free her from Magic's mind.
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