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Full Name Ava Leigh Aceil
Nickname(s) none
Preferred Name Ava
Simal or Hego Hego
Age 22
D.O.B. May 29, 1990
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity Australian
Skin Tone Pale
Height 5'9"
Pretty thin, but slightly muscular
Eyes Grey
Hair Blonde, thin, a little longer than shoulder length when down
Piercings and Identifying Marks A few here and there
Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training Doesn't really fight, more like just dodging. She prefers not to fight since her power is basically the opposite of it.
Special Ability Has healing powers. The more she uses her powers, the bigger wounds she can heal. Started out with just scratches and bruises and has worked her way up to larger cuts and even bullet wounds. She can fix larger wounds, but not completely heal them yet.
Mental and/or Physical Disabilities Nothing, she's completely sane and the government/hospitals realize it.
Phobia(s) Fear of not knowing what to do
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Family Mother (deceased), Father (deceased), Brother, 25
Personality Ava is one of the most calm, patient, and understanding people you will ever meet. Most people see her as serious, but if she likes you enough she'll show you the real her, happy, caring, and always smiling. She rarely ever gets mad or upset, so when she does you know it's for a good reason. She's a little shy, but is courageous as well. She doesn't like fighting, but if she does get into one, she usually just dodges their attacks rather than running away since she isn't scared- just just prefer not to fight.
History Ava's family was never quite rich, but was probably the highest you could get while still being considered 'middle class'. They had a nice house on the beach, and could afford some of the nicer things, but definitely weren't rich. She grew up with her parents and her brother, going to a private school and having a pretty good life. She didn't have many hardships, but she always felt like something was missing. She was never really happy. She had so much stuff but not many friends since her parents had warned her about what happened to her brother. Many of his 'friends' had only liked him because of his possessions. So she only had 2 or 3 friends, though she wasn't very close with them. She was very close with her brother, though they did fight from time to time, of course. Her brother was the only person she ever told about her power, and he never told anyone. The summer after she graduated from high school, she and her brother were home when they got a call that their parents had both died in a car crash. A month later, her brother was arrested for drunk driving. She told him that she wanted to leave Australia, and although he pleaded with her not to, she left anyway while he was still being held in jail. She only told him that she'd be going to America, since she didn't really know where she was going herself. She regretted what she had done about a week after she landed in New York, but also liked the sense of freedom she had now. She found the Hegos and joined them, hoping she'd find some way to fill the empty feeling she had. Plus, it was a good way to get better at healing without really needing to get involved with the fighting. She's pretty sure that her brother is looking for her, but she doesn't really have any intentions of trying to find him.
Theme Song The Show, Lenka
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