Sullivan "Sullie" Cartwright.

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Sullivan "Sullie" Cartwright. Empty Sullivan "Sullie" Cartwright.

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Picture: Sullivan "Sullie" Cartwright. Fe5dda6f53d934e4796148b7ab70b243-d3ead8b

Name: Sullivan Cartwright.

Nickname(s): Sullie; Sul.

Preferred Name: Sullie.

Simal or Hego: Hego.

Age: 19.

18th March 1992.

Gender: Female.

Race/Ethnicity: Hego; Caucasian.

Skin tone: Caucasian. Fairly light.

Height: 5'6".

Weight: 115lbs.

Build: Lean.

Eyes: Blue/Hazel.

Hair: Auburn, curly, usually messy. Varying lengths; longer strands are tied back in a loose ponytail. The rest is left to curl against her cheekbones and her jaw. Slight fringe.

Piercings and Identifying Marks: Black Celtic bands tattooed around her upper arms. Orange fingernails.

Weapon of Choice/Martial Arts Training: Quick with her fists, adept with knives and although she has been trained well in Kung Fu, she prefers more wild methods of fighting.

Special Ability:
"Floods of emotion" - Sullie can sense what other people are like, can feel their personalities and the shifting of their emotions in flashes of colour.

Mental and/or Physical Disabilities:
Doctors and Psychiatrists diagnosed her with Multiple Personality Disorder along with a Delusional Disorder, due to her refusal to adhere to their reality.

Phobia(s): Being taken like her family; losing her mind.

Place of Birth: South Jackridge.

Family: Mother, father, youngest of four.

Personality: Sullie is quick with her fists and has a violent disposition. As a child she attracted attention through her fiery temper by fighting with other children, because as the youngest of four she was overshadowed by her more successful siblings. However, despite her tendency toward violence, Sullie enjoys company and can be friendly. She warms to people who show her respect and although over-emotional at times (she struggles to cope with her "gift"; she is quick to panic or jump between emotions) she is not proud and apologises when she realises she is wrong. Sullie is of Hegos descent and this shows in her fighting. While she has no particular hatred towards the Simals, she is angered when they put themselves above her. Sullie hates to be looked down on.

History: Sullie has lived in South Jackridge all her life. She had an ordinary life with her parents and three sisters; while they were aware of the fighting and feuding between the Hegos and Simals they neither encouraged nor discouraged it. Unfortunately her family was caught in the crossfire of the life-changing fight and became "gifted". They sought help from the government, who ignored them - and strange men who believed them and then took them. Sullie, at the time of her family's kidnapping, was unconscious in the hospital. The diagnosis of her delusions was so convincing that she was not taken. Upon waking and discovering her family's disappearance, Sullie fled with the other Hegos and Simals.

Other: She often overreacts or has explosive fits of emotion. She becomes less violent but more wrapped up within herself as she adjusts to her power. Loves animals and people with respect; hates to be looked down on or considered "scum" because of her heritage.
Theme Song: Blackbird - Kurt Hummel.

Roleplayed by: clockwork; fred_george_weasley.

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